How Much Does God Think About Me?

Posted by TJ Klapperich on 12/19/2007

Recently as I was meditating on Psalm 139, I was startled by verses 17 and 18. As a study in Theology Psalm 139 is rich in content about God’s infinite presence and infinite knowledge. However, we can sometimes allow Theology to become a sterile study that has no personal meaning. This is not how the Bible presents Theology; truth about God is the Scripture is always set in a historical and literary context that is full of personal implications. David clearly views God’s knowledge of him as more than an infinite amount of facts about him. David affirms that God not only knew about him, but that God thought about him in a loving way. In fact David says God’s thoughts toward him were numberless like sand on the shore.  God took notice of David, not once or twice, but in numberless incidences.

This is really awe inspiring.  Clearly God thinks about his children far more than they think about him.  We can often think that God is so busy with the details of the Universe that he never takes much notice of us unless we really need him.  However, that is not what Psalm 139 says.  God does take notice of us, more than we think of him.  This is exactly backwards.  God, who is the center of the Universe, pays more attention to humans on a small planet in an insignificant solar system in the Milky Way Galaxy, than those creatures pay to him.  God’s love is demonstrated not in our value or taking notice of him, but in his great care for us.